Summer Layering Guide

Most people are freaking out when summer is about to come, mostly because of the big holiday, but I’m not really such a big fan of this season. Of course I love those long summer nights out, the cold water fights and those memorable trips with my besties, but putting aside all of the fun I’m going to have, I can only think about the outside heat and the fact that one of my favourite things: layering, becomes such a headache in this season.

Of course you don’t need to give up upon layering once the cold season is over, because it’s a way to make your outfit more interesting and your wardrobe much more versatile. Layering can be overwhelming, especially when trying to mix colors and prints, but no matter the weather you really can’t go wrong with thin layers. But the most important thing about learning to layer is getting a good handle on the basics. Start with a simple outfit (a white tank for example) and then just add layers and a bunch of accessories to build up your look.

Wear loose, lightweight items which will allow you to feel the cooling breeze, while sheer chiffon, mesh, or lace layers will be perfect not making you look like you’ve confused the month.

If you can’t go for a knit cardigan or scarf, just wear a sheer kimono and mix different belts for a more boohoo style.

You want to wear your favourite cardigan but outside it’s still hot as hell, well just change the style a little bit : throw it over your shoulders and tie it or  tie it around your waist .

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Forget about the sleeves and wear a long vest to transform your clothes into multiple outfits. For something casual you can layer it over a sleeved shirt or leave your arms exposed and be a little sexier.

Transform your basic outfit in something new by layering, for exemple, a top or a loose shirt over a dress, and make it look like a hot combo: skirt& top.

Now good luck with layers and have fun mixing textures and prints !

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