Triangl Experience – Neoprene Bikini


( After a long time ) Hello there ladies ! I know I’ve been out for a couple of weeks, but hey it’s summer holiday and to be honest, college enrollment it’s such a headache. Still, I couldn’t  resist to tell you about this:

I am sure many of you have heard of the popular Australian swimwear brand called Triangl that’s been blowing up everywhere on social media.  Well,  a few days ago they send me their Ollie-Penny Wanderlust Set in White Mesh and Cobalt Blue to try it out and I was so excited to have my first neoprene bikini (is the same fabric that is used for wetsuits). This material can be a little bit tricky: it has a good weight, stretch and resilience, opacity  and hold, but it takes a  time to dry and can get unconfortably hot.

With your order you also get a small neoprene backpack to carry and match your swimsuit, and as I expected the colours are super vibrant and they are not going to fade.


Despite the long distance, delivery was super quick and I got my bikini within 3\4 days. I was worried about which size I should choose but luckily the website has a live chat and the girls are super helpful and can assist you with sizing and style. I got an S bra and bottom and thought the fit was amazing – no gasp or moving.  Many of the Triangl tops are not adjustable around the back, which can make getting the right fit more difficult.


Overall, I can say I am in love with this bikini and I have already put my eyes on another beauty for this summer. Hope you’ll also find your perfect set and stay tuned, because in my next post I will help you choose the the right one for your body shape. Enjoy !

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