Swimsuits By Body Type


September doesn’t mean that the heat  is over! You still have time to lay on the beach with your headphones on and a good book and, of course to wear that perfect swimsuit which looks made exactly for you. But for this last part you need to know what fits you right, and what not, and to embrace your own body shape. Not everyone is blessed with a flat stomach or with attractive curves, but this should not stop you from having fun or feeling confortable in your own skin.


First of all you need to find out your body shape


No matter which body type you are, there are some visual tricks which can help you look slimmer, taller or just hide a little some parts that you’re not really happy with.

If you’re self-conscious about being smaller up top and you want to create more cleavage, go for a triangle bikini top,  ruffles and frills. Details and colourful patterns serve as a distraction to slimness up top.  For flat-chested girls the triangle bikini tops are the best bet with a little bit of padding. If you have a larger bust, don’t think you are Kate Upton and you can wear a skimpy, useless triangle bikini, because you’ll need a top that provides extra support.  For exemple search for adjustable and thicker straps and molded cups.

If you want to cover your bottom half, stay away from extra fabric, which will only call attention to area you are trying to mask (avoid boy shorts). Draw the attention upwards with a pop of colour on your top and a deep neckline.

Don’t panic about finding a swimsuit if you carry weight in your midsection. Streamline your silhouette with  a one piece swimwear designed to smooth and flatter your shape or try a high waisted bikini bottom to cover your tummy.

For me, this time I went for a more confortable swimwear, a one-piece costume from Penti which allows me to swim more easily and it’s also accentuate my waist. So let the sun shine—I’ll see you on the beach.

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