My London Experience / Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

A lot happened in the past few month. I’ve moved out, left my friends and family back home in Bucharest, started university … basically I’ve started a whole new life all by myself.

After the first few weeks I was getting really concerned about how I’m going to balance my law studies and my blog work…but I’ve realised that these two fields, even though they appear as total opposites, they define who I am. Choosing between them will be my biggest mistake. Mixing these two field will be a challenge, but I wish to grow and develop myself, and to keep both my passion for law and fashion alive. 

iconsquareFashionCapitalsposterIn a city with such a major influence on international fashion trends you can imagine how every event such as fashion week, awards and trade fairs are having their own unique and strong identity. Opportunities are everywhere here. London is known as the “Capital of Fashion” and has a reputation for nurturing creativity, diversity and emerging talent. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and to gain more experience in the following years. 

The Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition and the London Fashion Weekend were my first events as a Fashion& Beauty Blogger in London.   DSC_7034

The exhibition will welcome visitors to explore the many facets of the Louis Vuitton brand and the creative process of the Artistic Director, Nicolas Ghesquiere currently focusing his work on the Fall 2015 Women’s ready-to-wear collection. Spanning three floors and thirteen rooms, it displays the craftsmanship, inspiration and creative process that went in to the collection. Visitors will weave through high-speed videos,  laser beams and 3D mannequins.

As the name suggests, it’s the third such show – ‘Series 1’ for Autumn/Winter 2014 showed in Shanghai and Tokyo; ‘Series 2’ for Spring/Summer 2015 travelled between LA, Beijing, Seoul and Rome.

As the titles of some of the rooms within Series 3 can say : “Artists’ hands”; “A tale of craftsmanship”; “Anatomy of le savoir-faire”, the exhibition is focused more on craft and on the process behind the clothing rather than the final result. The exhibition is designed to slow people down, and exalt the craftsmanship that “gets short shrift at a fashion show,” -Michael Burke, chairman and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton.louis-vuitton-series3-exhibition-grungecake-thumbnail

As you’d expect from a Louis Vuitton event, the opening had quite the guest-list. On the Sunday evening of London Fashion Week the doors of exhibition opened, with Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung, Clemence Poesy, Michelle Williams, Alicia Vikander and Poppy Delevingne all making an appearance.

Designed and created in house, ‘Series 3’ will take visitors on a 13-room “journey” through every creative step that went into this season’s collection. In one room, visitors can sit at a work station and are invited to place their hands on the table, which is actually an interactive screen that springs to life and mimics your hands doing everything it takes to make a handbag.


Finished accessories are displayed in a blinding white room on white mannequins embedded in walls, putting the sole focus on how handbags and shoes are a major component of a look, defining its allure, Burke said.

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At the heart of the exhibition will be what the brand is calling the “Infinite Show” , all 50 looks from the collection projected as a video footage into 25 double-sided life-sezed screens, givind visitors a close-up view.




LV_S3_JMS_Lounge3_1060x644  collage untitled-article-1442845266Final Bener