Smashbox Studio Store Launch Event

My small blogging break is over and I’m totally prepared to take over this new year. For the first beauty event, my friend and I decided to attend the new Smashbox Cosmetics Studio Store Launch and to get into a small talk about some beauty tips with the Smashbox Global Pro Lead Makeup Artist: Lory Taylor-Davis.

 I was overwhelmed by this dynamic and cheerful vibe, especially coming from the makeup artists present at the event. They talked with such passion and dedication about every technique, product or topic related to beauty. You could literally start with a simple “hi” and end up with a 10 minutes talk about different types of concealer or an offer for a makeover (true facts). I was so pleased to actually see them enjoying their time there, doing their job and being so excited about every new model they can work with. Of course I immediately started to try all the new products and ended up with both my hands full of matte lipstick swatches. The day got even better after our SmashBox Freebies

  • A Smashbox Full Exposure Palette which now I consider purchasing in full size and adding to my everyday makeup routine. The matte colours are perfect for day time and they blend together so easily.  
  • And a Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil, which you need to rub onto your skin 5 minutes before your makeup for a smooth application of foundation, or you can use it  before bed and you’ll wake up totally hydrated.

As I would have expected, I did spot out some great outfits, but personally I’ve decided to go for a more casual chic look. As Rose Quartz is the Pantone’s #2016 Colour , I’ve combined 3 of my  favourite items and the shades worked out together beautifully. I got kind of bored of the whole fur vets\ jackets trend and decided to find some more unique objects, such as fur bags or scarfs, which now are my signature for almost every look. Under all this pink pop out, I tried to darken up the outfit with a fluffy dark blue turtleneck sweater and a pair of high waisted flower print pants (which may not really come by surprise for some people whom may know that 80% of my pants are flower printed…#guilty ). Even if it’s a last season colour, my marsala boots will still be a good colour match for this W\F.


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2016-01-23 14


You can also check the items on my

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2016-01-23 13.01.32

The last thing in the schedule was the opportunity to work and met the Smashbox Founder and Renowned Celebrity Photographer Davis Factor. It was such a great and fun experience to work with a real professional, something totally different from what I’ve experienced before during a photoshoot. 


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Final Bener