Casual #ootd – Blue Pop Out

I love to mach items and add a little bit of colour, so I’ve decided to take my new pair of Clear Sky Blue Superstars and match them with my light blue& white fur bag. And yes, it’s actually a bag, not a pillow, even though it came in handy at some points. You all know my latest obsession with fur accessories. I kept the rest of the outfit on same tone and opted for a dark blue navy jumpsuit, that you can check out in more detail in one of my older posts  (just click here)I wanted the blue to pop out so I couldn’t go wrong by just adding some nude tones: the Chic Diva camel coat and the scarf were a must in order to survive the cold London whether.




For jewelries I will usually have at least one leather bracelet. I tend to shop for leather bracelets because you can wear them for ages without damaging them. I now own all kind of shades that can match my outfits. I also added a chocker necklace that had the perfect dark blue details and a pair of sunglasses as a last playful touch.

12948615_1032458990142059_925246639_oFinal Bener