Comfy-Chic Flight Style 

Right now I’m on my way to Vienna, Austria and what better way for a blogger to make the time pass then to write a new fashion style post. With a night before the departure I’ve set on my chair the outfit for the next day’s flight. I’ve also packed all the trip essentials and chosen 5 of my favorite outfits for exploring the city. During a flight you need to be as comfy as possible, so I went for some baggy mid-length high waisted pants and a white airy shirt. This combination or my fluffy pyjamas is practically the same thing. I couldn’t resist adding some ‘glam’ to this simple casual look, so I’ve added my diamond studded choker, my favorite REGALROSE silver rings and bracelets and a pair of Glitter Superstars. Many people warned me about the cold weather so I’ve also grabbed a soft light khaki jacket, a tone which matched my dark blue pants. The last things on the list were: my camera, my women Skull Candy headphones and my DKNY backpack which to be honest was mostly filled with accessories and makeup, as I’m way too scared of damaging them in my big suitcase … After all this, I was ready to go and explore. 

I’m really excited for the begging of this new travel chapter and I’ll try to capture the best moments of it and to keep you updated. Looks like the #ExploreWithMe summer project is still running. #StayTuned

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