The new “wave” of Bloggers.


Guess who’s back. 

I’m surprised as well. 

I was missing in action for quite a while and even thought of leaving my blog for good. Been busy with exams, uni life, summer travelling … well real life in general. In the end, my one and only social media tool remained Instagram, dumping in a corner of my phone screen Facebook, Snapchat, Musically, etc. 

The main point I wanted to get to: I came back to my news feed on Facebook, and it hit me. 60% of my virtual friends became, in this 3\4 months of my absence, either: fashion, make-up, travel, bloggers / you tubers. I might make myself disappear again, on purpose this time. Apparently, it was a great time of divine inspiration for half of the population whom realised that being a fashion critic is their new life vocation… or: IS JUST COOL TO BE A BLOGGER. I do tend to believe in the second one. I remember when one of my friends found out I was a blogger, he wasn’t impressed, not at all, and he simply replied: “Everyone is a blogger nowadays”. And he was right.

I’ve stopped for a while. Why would I post just for the sake of making my weekly article. Why would I occupy space on your newsfeed with a random empty meaningless text, when I can just wait. Wait till I really wanna strongly express my opinion about something, wait till I get that breathtaking photo gallery which is really worth showing, wait till I really create a style which inspired me and might inspire others. I might wait till a new hideous collection comes up and I get so shocked I just wanna write about it, so you can simply enter here, in 5% of my mind, thoughts and life. 

If I am so revolted over this new wave of bloggers, why am I posting again? Wasn’t intending to, but this gave me a reason to. I’ve always been passionate about photography, and it would had been a shame not to share my summer gallery with all the travel addicts out there, giving them a tip for their next adventure. I’ve started this blog for myself, for sharing my passion for photography and unique styles, for doing something in those way too hot summer days, and for having the chance of creating my own original space, that I can look back at, and be proud of the platform I’ve created all by myself. 

Do it for yourself. Find a real meaning to what you’re doing. 

If you’re doing it for popularity, or for having the chance to change your Instagram bio into “fashion\makeup blogger”, or for simply wishing to become the next fashion icon of the city… JUST DROP IT. In the end, just don’t let it define your life. Don’t be the girl that orders a glass of Aperol Spritz, when most probably you don’t even like the taste of it, just because it comes in a bigger fancy glass from which you can take a sip every 2h, extending this way your time in the restaurant. The scenario is real and it makes me wish I wasn’t  so observant. But in the end it’s not important you hated the time you spent with your friends, it’s important you posted a massive group selfie that proves you have the perfect life, right? Jealous already? Not at all. 

Back to the real article I was actually intending to post. My summer was full of unexpected trips and breathtaking views, so welcome back to my endless summer gallery! Tomorrow you’ll be joining @kendalwatkinson and I on the Norwegian Cruise Line and our first stop will be Barcelona. 

And you thought you got rid of me. STAY TUNED!